Trust Board of Directors Meeting 30.04.2015

Trust Board Of Directors' Meeting 30.04.15

Venue: Millenium B Room, Waterfront 4, Newburn Riverside, NE15 8NY

Public Meeting Open Forum @ 12:30 hours

This is a meeting of the Trust Board in public but it is not a public meeting.  This means that members of the public who wish to raise an issue or ask a question, will have an opportunity to do so during the open forum item on the agenda, but you will not be able to ask a question or raise an issue during any other agenda item discussed by the Board during its meeting



Item 4 - Minutes of the Trust Board Meeting held on 26th March 2015

Item 5 - Action Log 

Item 6 - Matters Arising

Item 7 - Staff or Patient Story

Item 8 - Learning From Listening

Item 9 - Performance Summary - March Data

Item 10 - Quality, Risk & Assurance Report

Item 11 - Care Quality Commission

Item 12 - Quality Walkround Update

Item 13 - Key Financial Documentation

Item 14 - Francis Hard Truths Action Plan

Item 15 - Draft Annual Plan 2015/16 (Deferred to May)

Item 16 - Chief Executives Update

Item 17 - Risk Management & Organisational Controls Network

Item 17.i - Board Assurance Framework Closure Report

Item 17.ii

Item 18 - Register of Sealings

Item 19 - Proposed Amendment to the Trust Constitution

Item 20 - Compliance Submission Q4

Item 22.i - Workforce and Equality Committee

Item 22.ii - Trust Audit Committee: Summary of Assurances and Risks

Item 23 - Board Committees: Annual Review of Effectiveness (Cover)

Item 23.i - Workforce and Equality

Item 23.ii - Compliance and Risk

Item 23.iii - Business Investment and Finance

Item 23.iv - Charitable Funds

Item 23.v - Nomination and Remuneration Committee

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