Trust Board Of Directors' Meeting 27.07.17

Venue: Durham Dales Centre, Castle Gardens, Stanhope, County Durham, DL13 2FJ

Public Meeting Open Forum @ 12:30 hours

Members of the public are invited to air their views about the ambulance service at a public meeting in Stanhope next week.

Although Board meetings are held in public they are not public meetings. There is an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions but the time to do so is limited due to the formal nature and order of the meeting. In order to ensure members of the local community are given the opportunity to have their say, NEAS is hosting a workshop before the meeting starts, between 10.30am and 11.30am.

There will be a short presentation followed by a discussion in groups facilitated by Board directors.

All are welcome to attend, but are asked to inform Trust Secretary Jennifer Boyle of their attendance beforehand either by emailing or calling 0191 430 2001. Please specify if you are wishing to stay for the formal public Board meeting at 12.30 so that we can ensure that a set of papers is available for you.

Lunch is not provided and anyone wishing to stay for the Board meeting is advised to make their own arrangements.

North East Ambulance Service chairman Ash Winter said: “Over a year ago we made the decision to take our monthly board meetings out on the road to give members of the public the chance to hear what is happening with their ambulance service.

“We know there is great strength of feeling about the ambulance service in Stanhope and the wider community and so wanted to ensure anyone wishing to come along had the chance to ask questions and speak to our Board members directly.”


1 Apologies                                                                                             
2 Declaration of Interests
3 Open Forum
4 Minutes of Trust Board Meeting 29th June 2017
5 Actions Log
6 Matters Arising
7 Chairman's update
8 Chief Executive's update
Assurances from Board Committees
9 Audit Committee 21.07.2017
Performance Reporting
10 Finance Committee 19.07.2017
11 Performance Board Report - June 2017 (including Performance Recovery Plan)
12 Finance Performance Report - June 2017
Quality, Safety & Patient Experience
13 Quality Committee 20.07.2017
14 Staff or Patient Story
15 Quality Governance Report
16 Health & Safety Quarterly Report 
17 Annual Serious Incidents Report
18 Safeguarding Annual Report 2016/17
19 Infection, Prevention & Control Annual Report 2016/17 and Work Plan 2017/18
20 Safer Staffing Report
21 CQC Response to next Phase Consultation
Strategy, Planning & Policy
22 Standards of Business Conduct
23 Workforce Committee 07.07.17
24 Staff Engagement & Communications - Quarterly update
25 Board Assurance Framework 2017/18 - Quarterly update
26 Organisational Risk Register 2017/18 - High-level risks review.
27 Trust Governing Documents - Review
28 Council of Governors update
29 Any other business
30 Next meeting: Thursday 28th September 2017, Gateshead College, Gateshead. Time to be confirmed.

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