May Board Meeting

Trust Board Of Directors' Meeting Thursday 24th May 2018

Venue: Board Room, Ambulance Headquarters, Bernicia House, Goldcrest Way, Newburn Riverside, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 8NY

Public Meeting Open Forum @ 12:30 hours

This is a meeting of the Trust Board in public but it is not a public meeting.  This means that members of the public who wish to raise an issue or ask a question, will have an opportunity to do so during the open forum item on the agenda, but you will not be able to ask a question or raise an issue during any other agenda item discussed by the Board during its meeting 

Members of the public are welcome to attend our public Board meetings. If you would like to attend please email the Trust Secretary, Jennifer Boyle, at to confirm in advance of the meeting. This ensures that we are able to make appropriate arrangements to provide you with a set of papers on the day.


1       Apologies                                                                               
2 Declaration of Interests
3 Open Forum
4 Minutes of the Trust Board Meeting held on 26th April 2018
5 Action Log
6 Matters Arising
7 Acting Chair's update
8 Chief Executive's update

Quality Committee (17.05.18)

Summary Report

Minutes of Meeting


Staff or Patient Story


Quality Dashboard Report

Cover Sheet


12 Clinical Audit Dashboard

Annual Patient Experience Report

Cover Sheet



Learning from Deaths Update Report

15 Finance Committee (20.04.18)

Performance Board Report - April 2018

Cover Sheet


17 2018/19 Finance Report Month 1

Corporate Objectives 2018/19


Workforce Committee (18.05.18)


Board Committees: Annual Review of Effectiveness 2017/18 & Terms of Reference 2018/19:

i. Workforce Committee (ToR only)

ii. Quality Committee (ToR only)

21 Any Other Business
22 Key Messages to Communicate
23 Next Meeting to be held on Thursday 28th June 2018, Room 3, Bemont Community Assoication, Sunderland Road, Gilesgate Moor, Durham, DH1 2LL
24 Resolution to exclude the Press and Members of the Public

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