Gender Pay Audit 2017

Our Gender Pay Gap report indicates a small difference between men and womens pay. All positions are assessed using NHS Agenda for Change methodology which means people receive equal pay for equal work. However the larger group of men in the workplace does accounts for some of the difference in the report.

 In recent years women in senior management positions has improved.  Women in Band 8 and above account for 53.8% of our workforce but in the top quartile this reduces to 34.3%. Women in the bottom quartile of the workforce represent 39.8% of this workforce with closer splits in the lower middle quartile 48.7% and the upper middle quartile 40.3%.  

Yvonne Ormston CEO said “We have identified a number of actions we will undertake to try to reduce our gender pay gap. Women are an important part of any workforce and it’s important that we continue to support women to gain the skills and get the opportunities to become of future leaders

To see the 2017 Gender Pay Audit please click here

Gender Pay Gap infographic

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