Learning from complaints made to the ambulance service

 We receive complaints about the service we provide. We look into all of the feedback we receive and we use the opportunity from our investigations to reflect and learn on how we can improve the services we provide.

The pie chart highlights the different categories of learning and improvements we've made from complaints received in 2016/17 ( 1st April to 31st March 17).

 Graph complaints


The themes are ordered:

Additional resources reflected the need for additional paramedics and ambulance staff across the Trust area.

Feedback to call-takers / clinicians and operational staff : this is done when we have identified an area where feedback is required to individual staff members.

Wider learning within NEAS or across other NHS organisations is included in changes to working practices, creation  and amendment of new corporate policies and procedures across the Trust :

Human Behavioural factors including staff attitude and manner in which the Trust has  taken action to remedy this.

These 696 occasions for learning have been identified from all of the 618 ( 774 multiple aspects) complaints. We also received 721 letters, emails and telephone calls of appreciation and thanks for the services we provide.

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