Quality Report 2017-18

We have now published our draft Quality Report for 2017/18 for your consideration and comment. We would like to offer the opportunity for your organisation to comment on the Quality Report and provide feedback.
The format of the Quality Report has been predetermined by the Department of Health:
Part 1 of the report includes; a statement on quality from the Chief Executive, outlining that the information in the document is accurate.
Part 2 of the report includes; priorities for improvement for 2018/19, statements relating to the quality of services provided, an explanation of who has been involved to determine priorities reported and a review of prescribed indicators from NHS Improvement.
Part 3 of the report includes; a review of performance in respect of the 2017/18 Quality Report priorities.
The final report will be updated with year-end figures and national benchmarking. Some figures are not yet available to include them in this draft.
The Trust, through engagement and internal assessment, has selected four local priorities for improvement for 2018/19 and the Trust would appreciate your comments, thoughts and feedback on that selection.
The priorities that the Trust will focus on throughout 2018/19 are set out from page 6 of the Quality Report and consist of: 

  • Early recognition of sepsis;
  • Cardiac arrest;
  • Longest waits for patients who fall;
  • Improving the care of patients with mental health needs, through improving staff knowledge and skills.

These priorities were chosen after discussion with Trust staff, governors and with the involvement of external stakeholders. 
We are required to share a draft of our report with a range of stakeholders, including CCGs, Overview and Scrutiny Committees and local HealthWatch to seek comments. Any comments we receive will be included verbatim in the final publishable Quality Report.
We invite your organisation to consider and comment on the final draft of the Quality Report and in line with the regulatory framework. We also request that:

  • Your organisation responds with narrative that should not exceed 1000 words;
  • Comment is received by the 20 May 2018;
  • If no comment is to be made, written confirmation of that position is provided.

Please note that whilst the 30 day review period will be observed, early feedback received would be welcomed to allow time to update the document with any comments received.
I hope you enjoy reading our draft report and I look forward to receiving your feedback. Please provide your feedback to the following email address:

Debra Stephen
Deputy Director of Quality and Safety

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