Registers of our information and assets

In this section you'll find information that NEAS is legally required to hold in publicly available registers 

Assets registers and Information Asset Register

The NEAS Assets Register contains the capital assets i.e. assets with a purchase value of £5,000 or greater owned by the service

The Information Assets Register contains all of the types of information that the NEAS holds. 

Date Protection Impact Assessments are available to view for the following assets:

Data protection impact assessment overview

An overview of our Data Protection Impact Assessments can be viewed here.

Data Protection Impact Assessments are available for the following assets:

  • Care advice by text message
  • CARE project 
  • SharePoint
  • Bodyword cameras 

Any register of interests kept in the authority

The interests of senior staff are published in the NEAS Annual Report and also set out in the information detailed in Who we are and what we do.

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