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Access to your health records

When you contact us, information about you and the care you receive is recorded and stored in a health and care record. This is so that people caring for you can make the best decisions about your care. 

The information in your records can include your:

  • name, age and address
  • health conditions, treatments and medicines
  • allergies and past reactions to medications
  • lifestyle information, such as whether you smoke or drink
  • call recording

You can access your records or ask someone you trust to access them for you with your consent. This is called a Subject Access Request.

To help you with the process, we have a Subject Access Request form which you can complete and either email or post to us. If someone else will be accessing your records for you, we need you to complete a consent form.

For more information, please contact us:

Health Records Officer                                 

North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

Bernicia House

Newburn Riverside

Newcastle upon Tyne

NE15 8NY


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Accessing the medical records (health records) of someone who has died?

If you want to see the health records of someone who has died, you can apply in writing. You will only be able to access the deceased’s health records if you are either:

  • a personal representative (the executor or administrator of the deceased person's estate).
  • someone who has a claim resulting from the death (this could be a relative or another person).

Accessing general information about the organisation

If you want to access information that we hold as a public authority, you can do this through a Freedom of Information Request. This will not give you access to any personal health records or anything that can identify a person.

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