Compassionate Care

Compassionate care is at the heart of our organisation. This award recognises individuals or teams who demonstrate a positive and inclusive attitude towards others. They will be someone who displays and positively promotes the Trust values of compassion. Someone who has acted as a role model by treating patients, service users and colleagues, with respect, dignity and kindness every day.

Nominee Biography
Stephen Emms

Stephen was nominated for his compassion, particularly towards a mental health patient on a job he attended. Having ensured the patient had access to the professional support required, he was aware the patient had no milk in the house for a cup of tea so he left the patient with another member of staff and returned moments later with fresh milk and packet of biscuits that he had bought at his own expense from the shop on the corner of the street so that the patient was able to have a much needed cup of tea. This small gesture made a huge impact. 

Stephen is also a very experienced member of staff and as a result commands an immense amount of respect from his colleagues, offering advice and support whenever requested.

Andy Williams

Andy was nominated for his for his selflessness and dedication after he willingly sought out a debrief session for a colleague on his day off, following a series of traumatic jobs his colleague had experienced.

During the debrief session, Andy demonstrated an exceptional ability to provide emotional support. He offered insightful reflections, encouraging me to explore my feelings and perspectives, while also offering reassurance and understanding. His ability to navigate difficult conversations with sensitivity and empathy is a testament to his extraordinary character, more so his ability to divulge traumatic experiences he’d gone through himself to help someone else understand theirs.

Andrew Nordonfeldt Andy was nominated for explaining to a patient how to do CPR on her husband after a cardiac arrest. The appreciation specifically singled out Andy's ability to manage the call, and praised his ability to advise her quickly, firmly and exactly what to do. CPR was carried out for approximately 15minutes until the ambulance crew arrived and took over. The outcome was ultimately successful for the patient, who was subsequently taken to the Freeman hospital and discharged after treatment.
Ray Forsyth

Ray was nominated for his support and professionalism with an employee while undertaking her driver training exams. The nominator was extremely grateful for the words of comfort, reassurance, good humour, incredible training Ray shared with her. His compassion and support allowed this employee to feel comfortable enough to talk to Ray and discuss the struggles of peri menopause. Due to this conversation and the support Ray provided, the employee felt grateful and heard.

...and the winner is! 🥁

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