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Our services are led by excellent leaders and managers, who support their teams to deliver results to the highest standard. The leader of the year award recognises individuals who have led their team in an inspiring way; building a positive culture where individuals feel able to trust, share ideas, constructively challenge, and bring their full selves to work. They will use leadership skills effectively and role model our values and behaviours to bring out the best in their team. They will actively listen, support, provide openness and honesty and maintain high performance.

Nominee Biography
Hannah Winney

Hannah has been nominated for being an inspiring advocate for both the Trust and the Performance department. Hannah’s innovative mindset and decisive leadership has provided the foundations for many initiatives to gain momentum and success within the Trust.

 Her dedication, passion and commitment to the Trusts success is truly inspiring.

Karen Gardner

Karen has been nominated for her support, providing a safe working environment and being an outstanding leader for her team. In a time where the trust is coming under a lot of scrutiny the education team continue to deliver and that is down to the hard work Karen puts in.

Elliott Taylor Elliott has been nominated for going the extra mile to assist and help in any way he can. He always ensures that everyone is aware of updates and issues and is approachable and supportive no matter what the circumstances. He promotes the benefits of changes to the service and makes the workplace a welcoming place to be.
Ronald Watson Ron has been nominated for being a strong, focused and determined leader who goes above and beyond every day to support the successful running of the NEASUS Blaydon site. He is driven by his pride in knowing that his success ultimately makes a difference to our patients.
Chris Mullen Chris has been nominated for building a positive culture and is committed to our patients and to our staff, going out of his way to support them at every turn. He has inspired his teams to develop and excel in their roles but is also a positive figure in the workplace: he engages and motivates his colleagues while on shift and shows his passion for his role.
...and the winner is! 🥁

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