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Congratulations to the winners of the NEAS Awards 2023!

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Excellence and Innovation

Nicola Watson

Nicola has been nominated for her work across the last twelve months as she has worked closely with an external agency to increase the number of Public Accessible Defibrillators that are available to NEAS Health Advisors and Clinicians. By integrating with The Circuit, we now have visibility of over 60,000 defibs across the country enabling health advisors to advise callers from all over the country where this life saving equipment is located. Already, this has increased our emergency ready statistics to over 85%, one of the highest in the country.
Working in Partnership The Weardale and Bishop Auckland Community Paramedics teams

The Bishop Auckland Community Paramedic Team forged a strong bond with primary care partners in both the Tees and Wear Dales where they have worked proactively to avoid unnecessary admissions and provide consistently excellent wraparound patient care.

Their work with local partners has improved professional and public perception of NEAS and increased engagement with a community that has historically been disillusioned with service provision.

The team includes Richard York, Ian Nattrass, Rob Livermore, Michael Rhodes, Tanya O'connor and Jennifer Todd.

Outstanding contribution - team The Education team

The Education team have transformed education delivery for over three years and have continued to go the extra mile to meet demands. They have implemented various programmes and adapting programmes to support staff and have stepped up to work operationally in times of escalation.

The team are dedicated and work above and beyond every day to support our students and develop the education offered to deliver on our workforce plan and ambitions.

Outstanding contribution individual - unscheduled care Andrew Hedison Student paramedic apprentice Andy was nominated for his outstanding contributions to the crews. Andy's compassionate and empathetic nature shines through in every interaction, going above and beyond for patients’ well-being. His exceptional skills and commitment make him an asset to the trust, reflecting positively on its reputation and commitment to outstanding healthcare.
Outstanding contribution individual - patient transport service Margaret Snowdon Margaret has been nominated for always giving 100% in her role. Her wealth of experience and attitude means she is often part of the crew that is allocated to more complex patients and using her skills from working alongside the EVAC team, she knows what is expected before going to a patient. Margaret is engaged with other areas of the Trust and is a shining example of the Trust’s values.
Outstanding contribution individual - emergency operations centre Catherine Murtha (O'Neil) Catherine’s nomination comes from the outstanding contribution she continues to make to the EOC coaching team and has a natural ability to help Health Advisors meet their role objectives. She knows what makes people tick and tailor makes every coaching session to focus on the trainee’s strengths and improve on their weaknesses, she never adopts a one approach fits all approach.
Outstanding contribution individual - support services Debora Wells As the Lead for TriM within the Trust, Debora has worked tirelessly to improve the service the TRiM offers to our staff. Rethinking processes and expanding on training and development of the TRiM practitioners, Debora has strived for excellence for the TRiM programme and she is achieving this.
Leader of the Year Elliott Tyler Elliott has been nominated for going the extra mile to assist and help in any way he can. He always ensures that everyone is aware of updates and issues and is approachable and supportive no matter what the circumstances. He promotes the benefits of changes to the service and makes the workplace a welcoming place to be.
Education and Training Mark Brockhurst

Mark has continued to show professionalism and support with his colleagues, even during very vulnerable times. He has shown compassion and commitment to his patients which we have received multiple feedbacks from mentors and is routinely commended for his attitude to learning and his ability on the road.  

As a more mature student he continually supports his peers giving them support, feedback and a critical ear at all times.

Patients' Choice Billy Turnbull, Linda Gibson, Maurice Kitcatt, and Emmelia Dun The team were nominated for their patient focussed approach and the ability of keeping the patient safe while getting her to a hospice for end-of-life care. The nomination stated the whole experience felt safe – from the call handler to the team who attended, and all involved had an incredible impact to the patient and their close friends. The team were nominated for their patient focussed approach and the ability of keeping the patient safe while getting her to a hospice for end-of-life care. The nomination stated the whole experience felt safe – from the call handler to the team who attended and all involved had an incredible impact to the patient and their close friends.
Compassionate Care Ray Forsyth Ray was nominated for his support and professionalism with an employee while undertaking her driver training exams. The nominator was extremely grateful for the words of comfort, reassurance, good humour, incredible training Ray shared with her. His compassion and support allowed this employee to feel comfortable enough to talk to Ray and discuss the struggles of peri menopause. Due to this conversation and the support Ray provided, the employee felt grateful and heard.
Inclusion and Respect Pauline Hogarth

Pauline has been nominated for developing many improvements with the EDI team but also independently of the team to ensure we make improvements to support people in the workplace with a variety of needs.

 She is totally committed to improving issues disabled staff face and ensures they can reach her in and out of hours. She is a fantastic advocate for NEAS and a true inspiration for other colleagues and Able@NEAS members.

Chairs Award Chris Chalmers

Chris was nominated by several people across multiple categories including Leader of the Year, Compassionate Care, Outstanding Contribution and Excellence and Innovation.

His professionalism and support have been noticed by many and across his 20 years at NEAS, the feedback from staff is the level of respect he has across the Trust.

Over the last year, Chris has been at the forefront of implementing the rollout of the new Fiat vehicles, bringing enthusiasm and energy to the project. He has been actively involved in the design, staff engagement and making sure patient care is improved.

Chris has also worked tirelessly to engage with staff and organise face-to-face training sessions to help staff adapt.

Despite the challenging change for staff, the work Chris has done will enable to project to move forward and has provided a successful template for how to implement this level of change with frontline colleagues in the future.

He has also been nominated for his leadership approach and going above and beyond to support his colleagues.

Overall, Chris is well respected as a leader and a colleague.

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