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Nominee Biography
Loveness Scott Loveness has been nominated for her outstanding work within the EDI team and leading the EDI education sessions for ethnic minority groups. The work she leads on is helping to educate people (many who originate outside of the UK) about how and when to use our services, raise awareness of the action they can take if someone becomes unwell in their community.

Her passion and enthusiasm about the work she does shows her commitment to reduce health inequalities in the region.

Debora Wells As the Lead for TriM within the Trust, Debora has worked tirelessly to improve the service the TRiM offers to our staff. Rethinking processes and expanding on training and development of the TRiM practitioners, Debora has strived for excellence for the TRiM programme and she is achieving this.
Pauline Hogarth Pauline is at the forefront of ensuring reasonable adjustments are considered and delivered for staff. She provides emotional and physical support to staff to help improve the issues they are faced with. As well as doing this, Pauline will then take it a step further by helping to educate others on these issues. 
...and the winner is! 🥁

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