Outstanding contribution individual - unscheduled care

Nominee Biography
Denise Bridge

Denise has been nominated for her support for an apprentice paramedic and the support she provided during a few major trauma incidents. She will push to get the best result and instil skills needed to enable practice to have the maximum benefit to the public that we serve.

Arron Ellison

Arron was nominated for consistently demonstrates exceptional clinical skills and leadership skills, always communicating effectively going above and beyond to provide guidance and support to help our staff grow and improve which significantly further contributes to the patient care we deliver as a Trust and positive patient outcomes.

Chris Chalmers Chris was nominated for his high energy and enthusiasm during the Fiat rollout project and his can-do attitude. He worked tirelessly to speak to staff, to promote a positive approach and arrange face to face and training sessions to help staff adapt. This will enable us to move forward, improve the vehicle in the future and has also provided a successful template for how to implement this level of change with front line colleagues in future.
Andrew Hedison

Student paramedic apprentice Andy was nominated for his outstanding contributions to the crews. Andy's compassionate and empathetic nature shines through in every interaction, going above and beyond for patients’ well-being. His exceptional skills and commitment make him an asset to the trust, reflecting positively on its reputation and commitment to outstanding healthcare.

Shaun Robson

Shaun was nominated for his progress of the spec role. He strives to give the team the best working practices so that the patients of the North East can be provided with top class critical care.

...and the winner is! 🥁

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