Outstanding contribution - team

Teamwork is essential to the success of our organisation. This award recognises the work of an outstanding team, department or collaborative projects within the Trust, where those involved have shown examples of excellent team work, collaboration, open communication, breaking down silos, and building relationships to work together effectively to deliver an excellent project or service.

Nominee Biography
Winter House Team Leader

Following numerous challenges, the team faced since opening in 2022, they dealt with each issue with professionalism all whilst supporting new health advisors. They have also introduced new initiatives to boost morale and have created a positive culture at the Winter House.

Automared Timesheet Team

This team have been recognised for their outstanding efforts in automating timesheets within call handling. This has not only increased productivity, result in cost savings for the organisation but also enhance accuracy and timeliness of recording and tracking employee hours.

The team has proven to be an indispensable asset to our organisation to streamline and automate the timesheet process.

Specialist Paramedic (Emergency Care) Team

After being implemented in 2019, the team have worked tirelessly to provide the best care for our most ill and injured patients whilst supporting their families and colleagues on scene at incidents.

One member of the team received the most appreciations within the trust from patients and relatives for last year.

Education Team

The Education team have transformed education delivery for over three years and have continued to go the extra mile to meet demands. They have implemented various programmes and adapting programmes to support staff and have stepped up to work operationally in times of escalation.

The team are dedicated and work above and beyond every day to support our students and develop the education offered to deliver on our workforce plan and ambitions.

Recruitment Team

At the initial stages of the commissioner’s investment and despite the struggle with capacity, the recruitment team worked together to deliver their targets.

They also managed more than 5000 applications to recruit over 600 new starters into the Trust. The recruitment team are passionate and dedicated to “give their all”.

...and the winner is! 🥁

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