Working in Partnership

This award recognises an individual or team who and actively listens, engages and effectively collaborates with colleagues across the service, external stakeholders, organisations or patients, to make positive change and can provide examples of where this has led to an improvement in our services and patient experience.

Nominee Biography
Weardale and Bishop Auckland Community Paramedic teams

The Bishop Auckland Community Paramedic Team forged a strong bond with primary care partners in both the Tees and Wear Dales where they have worked proactively to avoid unnecessary admissions and provide consistently excellent wraparound patient care.

Their work with local partners has improved professional and public perception of NEAS and increased engagement with a community that has historically been disillusioned with service provision.

The team includes Richard York, Ian Nattrass, Rob Livermore, Michael Rhodes, Tanya O'connor and Jennifer Todd.

Rachel Addy

Rachel has had led on two projects in the last 12 months that have collaborated with partner organisations to effect positive change to change our pathways that benefit our patients – The NSECH ED Consultants project and the Urgent Community Response (UCR) programme.

In both these projects the goal was to ensure the patients were provided with the optimum, most beneficial care. Without Rachel leading these projects we would not have made the progress required to get to the stage we are at to date.

Pathways Development Team

The clinical pathways developed team have worked extensively across the urgent and emergency care network to develop simple and effective referral pathways to same day emergency care units and urgent community response teams. They work hard to highlight these services to the operational teams either through direct contact or via the JRCALC+ app. 

They have been recognised nationally and are frequently requested to highlight the good work taking place in the North East at regional and national conferences.

Carly Ramsey

Carly has been working in partnership with colleagues across NHSE, ICB and NENCS to deliver a falls project to improve system efficiency. This work will allow a fuller picture of care homes, falls and urgent referrals to be seen in the context of wider healthcare.

The way Carly has engaged with stakeholders and her commitment to the project has has had a real impact on working relationships with the external stakeholders involved that can only continue to improve.  

Frequent Caller Team The Frequent Caller Team work extensively with multi agencies, NEAS colleagues and Newcastle University Research Team to care for a complex cohort of patients. The team strives to develop problem solving plans and initiatives and has made a huge impact on the service and lives of patients.
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