Andrew Hodge

Andrew HodgeAndrew first joined the ambulance service in 1995, working on the patient transport service in Berwick, before moving to Newcastle on qualifying as a paramedic in 1999.

His interests took him into corporate services, implementing pre-hospital electrocardiograms (ECGs) and thrombolysis before leaving the ambulance service to work for five years in the community as an advanced practitioner, which he left to work in commissioning.

He spent six years as a consultant paramedic at Yorkshire Ambulance Service, where he found a keen interest in leading on research and publications as well as developing the profession’s clinical career framework around specialist and advanced practice.

Most recently, he has been the Director of Allied Health Professions at Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, where he has learned the complexities of delivering acute services across three hospital sites and across the community. Through this role, he was also responsible for nine different allied health professional groups, leading on their career development and representing their voices across the senior leadership teams.

The role of director of paramedicine and allied health professionals is a new post at NEAS, where Andrew will be responsible for influencing, shaping and leading strategy, policy and clinical transformation both within NEAS and as part of the wider regional and national health and social care systems.

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