Our mission, vision and values

Our Mission - Why we wear our badge.

Safe, effective and responsive care for all.

The pride we place in delivering our services marks us out as second to none in terms of reliability, professionalism and compassion. People rely on us for the responsive services we provide all day, every day, throughout the areas we serve.

Our Vision - Where our badge will take us.

Unmatched quality of care, every time we touch lives.

Even in the most challenging situations we will strive to perform to the highest professional standards in a spirit of collaboration and teamwork, no matter what the circumstances. We will be acknowledged as the leading specialist care provider when looking after the patients in our care.

The values will become the behaviours we recruit to and measure employees by as part of the performance review. Staff will continue to work to the behaviours set out in current development plan until your next review. At your next review, the new values will be set out in your plan.

Our Values – How our badge will take us there.


To deliver our services effectively, care alone is not enough. We care for our patients and staff with compassion and empathy that marks us out as special. We listen intently to those whose lives we touch, so that our provision is considered to be above and beyond the call of duty.

Accountable and responsible.

We will make sure we do what we commit ourselves to, and take responsibility for our actions. In doing this, we will support each other in delivery; and react quickly to lessons learnt along the way. Be only critical of ourselves, not others.


We work in challenging environments and situations. We will treat all our patients, colleagues and customers alike, with the same respect we’d expect to be shown ourselves. We will act as one team and will appreciate one another in facing the future together.

Excellence and innovation.

We will always do our very best. We will learn and constantly innovate wherever we can by embracing change to enhance our service. We will listen to, and collaborate with, our colleagues throughout the NHS, fellow emergency services and patients. This will enable us to remain at the forefront of specialist responsive care, as a dynamic, integrated and sustainable service.


This is more than a job, and it’s a privilege to serve the patients in our care. We’ve made a true commitment to our vocation as part of the overall NHS healthcare system. This will drive us with integrity at every turn to help others. In return, we will commit to the recognition, training and development of our team so that they can perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

Make a difference – day in day out.

We touch people’s lives on a daily basis. How we do that can be life saving or life changing. We will always aim to make a positive difference to those people’s lives. And we will show the same respect to our colleagues as our patients.

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