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Barbara Wells

Barbara Wells


Every day Barbara Wells is helping ten times as many patients as she used to after changing her job as a nurse on a hospital coronary care unit to managing the clinicians within the Clinical Assessment Service.

Barbara joined the service in 2008 to widen her skills to help as many patients as possible.

Barbara now manages a team of specialist clinicians who help 999 call handlers and paramedics by medically assessing patients and taking a clinical view on the most appropriate treatment for them. As well as ensuring patients get the best and most appropriate care, this can help to reduce the demand on ambulances as alternative and more suitable treatment such as a GP appointment are often identified.     

Barbara said: “Many clinicians see working at the end of a phone rather than face to face with a patient as a lesser option but that couldn’t be further from the truth. My job is extremely varied and, because you are dealing with ten times as many patients in a day, it helps you develop your skills as a practitioner far quicker.

“You feel like you’re making a real difference to patients’ lives by helping identify the very best treatment for them, at the same time as reducing the load on the ambulance service. I’d recommend the role to anyone. It’s a great team here and extremely rewarding as your expertise can be used to maximum effect.”

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