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Paul Cunningham

Paul Cunningham

Former paramedic, Paul Cunningham loves the fast pace and close patient relationship of working in the Clinical Assessment Service.

Paul has been with NEAS for the past 33 years - 26 of those years working on the road as a Paramedic. He transferred to the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in 2009.

Paul said: “Working within the EOC is really rewarding. It still allows me to use all my clinical knowledge to make the very best choices for patients and the pace is fast and exciting.

"On the road I would get through seven or eight jobs per shift now I handle between 30 and 40. You also work directly with patients and they see you very much as a lifeline at the end of the phone. As well as making the work feel very worthwhile, this instantly hammers home the positive difference you’re making. It’s varied too. One minute you’ll be reassuring someone and arranging a GP appointment and the next you’ll be making decisions about the allocation of vehicles to certain cases. 

“It’s a great place to be with fantastic camaraderie. Although I loved being a paramedic, I wouldn’t go back. I feel I can help a much greater number of people in my current role.”

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