Freedom of Information (FOI) requests

The North East Ambulance Service is commited to being as open as possible and as such welcome FOI requests.

There is a form below where you can submit your requests, but first why not have a look through the other FOI request that have been made during the last three years, you may find that the information you're looking for has already been published!

You can click here to check out our FOI log of previous requests and responses.

Please use the form below to request an FOI

If you are a a student paramedic seeking information for your studies please click here  All other requests should be made using the form below

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 If you wish to contact us by post the address is

Ambulance Headquarters

Bernicia House

Goldcrest Way

Newburn Riverside

Newcastle Upon Tyne

NE15 8NY


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Should the number of hours required to obtain and provide information under the Freedom of Information Act exceed the £450 threshold (of £25 per hour - set in the Freedom of Information and Data Protection [Appropriate Limit and Fees] Regulations 2004), the Trust is not obliged to comply with the request.  It should however, and it is obliged to do so, offer advice and assistance under Section 16.  The Trust will endeavour to discuss with the applicant, the possibility of refining the request to cost less.

The Trust does not at present charge for materials used to provide responses to FOI requests, however, it is entitled to do so at a cost to be determined by the Trust, should the response require significant resources to be produced.  The Trust would make that cost known.

The full policy is available here.


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