Meet the cast of BBC Ambulance

We're excited to be able to introduce you to some of the colleagues appearing on Series 9 of BBC documentary, Ambulance.
Please click on the images below to find out more about each of them.

Martin Lonsdale, duty manager

Martin Lonsdale

Shumel Rahman, paramedic

Shumel Rahman

Joe Picola, paramedic

Joseph Picola

Hayley Robertson, clinical care assistant

Hayley Robertson

Anika Piatek, paramedic

Anika Piatek

Philip Gooch, health advisor


Rebecca Bynoe, paramedic

Rebecca Bynoe

Claire Gibson, dispatch officer

Claire Gibson

Chris Dundas-Twizell, clinical care assistant

Chris Dundas-Twizell

Jordan Parker, communications officer

Jordan Parker

Jen Evans, health advisor

Jen Evans

Matthew Potts, paramedic

Matt Potts

Alex Hadjikakou, paramedic

Alex Hadjikakou

Kyle Peebles, clinical care assistant

Kyle Peebles

Tom McDonald, dispatch officer

Tom McDonald

Molly Sheehan, clinical care assistant

Molly Sheehan

Lydia Harwood, paramedic

Lydia Harwood

Jack McKie, clinical care assistant

Jack McKie

Lois Armes, paramedic

Lois Armes

Sammi Miller, clinical care assistant

Samantha Miller

Olivia Salem, health advisor


James Atkinson, paramedic apprentice

James Atkinson

Stu Connor, clinical care assistant

Stu Connor

Chris Elliott, dispatch supervisor

Chris Elliott

Andrew Raisbeck, paramedic

Andrew Raisbeck

Chris Kirkbride, paramedic and clinical team leader

Chris Kirkbride

Adam Roberts, health advisor 

Adam Roberts

Ollie Evans, paramedic

Ollie Evans

Chloe Reynolds, clinical care assistant 

Chloe Reynolds

Sandy Bennett, clinical care assistant

Sandy Bennett

Nicola Harrison, clinical team leader

Nicola Harrison

Jonny Gwynne, paramedic

Jonny Gwynne

Peter Harmison, clinical care assistant

Peter Harmison

Alex Smart, paramedic

Alex Smart

Becky Woodhead, paramedic

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