Becky Woodhead

Paramedic Becky Woodhead, aged 35, joined NEAS in 2020. Becky is from Barnard Castle and is based at Stockton station.


Q. What attracted you to the job?

A. My dad had been unwell for years and we often had ambulances out so from a very young age I was always so grateful to the ambulance service, they always made everything better! 

Q. What brings you to work every day?

A. I love my job. I get to meet some amazing people and help people when they need it most, and I also get to do it all with my best friend Chloe. 

Q. What is an average shift like?

A. It can be a mixture of things really but it’s never boring. I don’t think it’s always what the public think it is. We see some awful things and can be involved in peoples worst moments, but then we also see some amazing things in peoples best moments as well.  

Q. What skills do you think people need to be able to do your job?

A. Above all else good people skills and being able to adapt to talk to a wide range of people. You also need to be compassionate, understanding and approachable.  

Q. It can be a traumatic job at times, how do you look after yourself and what support do you get?

A. I always talk about things, which is easy when I work with Chloe because we get each other, we always know if one of us is struggling and will make sure we spend time talking about it. The duty officers and clinical team leaders are always good as well and always ask if we need anything and always have time to talk. 

Q. What has it been like working through the pandemic?

A. I felt really lucky that I could come to work, it gave me a sense of purpose when unfortunately a lot of people’s lives were on hold. 

Q. Where do you see your career heading?

A. I’m hoping to start a masters in critical care as that is what interests me most.  

Q. How do you feel about being part of the BBC Ambulance show?

A. Really proud, slightly nervous though because me and Chloe do talk about some bizarre things, especially at 5am when we are tired! I’m pleased I did it as my nana will be so proud to see me on TV. It was really fun, all the staff were amazing and made it really comfortable and enjoyable.  

Q. What impact do you hope the series will have in the North East?

A. Maybe because of the quantity of mental health it may help people open up and realise its nothing to be embarrassed of and maybe help the local area get funding for additional mental health services.  

Q. What do you love about the North East?

A. My favourite thing about the North East is how much variety we have – some nice towns to go to and enjoy shopping, food and drink but then beautiful scenery and countryside for walking etc.

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