Ollie Evans

Ollie EvansBillingham-based paramedic Ollie is originally from Zimbabwe and joined NEAS in 2015, having worked in various roles within the ambulance service for 18 years in Derbyshire. The father-of-two was recently diagnosed with autism, something which he discusses during the programme.

Q. What attracted you to the job?

A. The chance to make a difference to someone's day be it big or small

Q. What brings you to work every day?

A.  I get to meet new people and experience new things every day. Aside from the obvious, working with a great team of people from call takers, dispatchers, other crews and those who work behind the scenes makes it an amazing and rewarding job.

Q. What is an average shift like?

A. Hectic! We are 20 times busier than 10 years ago yet no two days are the same.

Q. What skills do you think people need to be able to do your job?

A. The ability to be empathetic. You don't need to be a brainiac.

Q. It can be a traumatic job at times, how do you look after yourself and what support do you get?

A. I do different things from nothing, walking the dog, to keeping really busy doing DIY or working with my local community on community improvement.

Q. What has it been like working through the pandemic?

A. It has been the most challenging period in the history of the NHS. Living and working in a pandemic is an experience that's for sure.

Q. Where do you see your career heading?

A. I really enjoy seeing patients, so something that keeps me patient facing will be great.

 Q. How do you feel about being part of the BBC Ambulance show?

A. It was really important for me to showcase how great #TeamNEAS really is, so being a part of filming was amazing. 

Q. What impact do you hope the series will have in the North East?

A. I hope that we are seen as the people we are and that no matter the case, we will do everything we can to help.

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