Stu Connor

Stu, of Bellingham, initially joined NEAS as a community first responder in Hexham 10 years ago, and immediately knew healthcare was the role for him. After gaining experience as a healthcare assistant in a hospital, he jumped at the chance to join NEAS permanently as a clinical care assistant when a role came up nine years ago, and now works as part of our Evacuation Team, a specialist team tasked with supporting our emergency and patient transport crews with patients who may be difficult to move at incidents across the North East.

Stu ConnorWe meet Stu in episode one of Ambulance, supporting the crew to move a patient who hasn't left the house for four years so they can get him the care he requires in hospital.

"The evac role was one that really interested me because it's a bit niche and makes the best use of my problem solving skills; you're faced with the challenge of getting that patient out, whether it be just supporting someone down the stairs because the stretcher won't fit or because they're in a difficult position, and you have to work out the best way of doing it safely.

"The number of incidents I attend varies depending on my shift but I can do as many as nine in one day. No two jobs are the same and I get so much satisfaction when I'm able to get that patient out safely, knowing they're now going to receive the care they need.

"This particular incident shown in the programme was typical of many we go to where elderly people are in need of additional help but have gone under the radar. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see people in that situation, but it does help to know that once they’re on our radar they are going to be alright."

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