Positive Action Blog November 2021

November has been an extremely busy month for the project, and it has been great to see so many of you reaching out, training as ambassadors, learning lifesaving skills and attending our recruitment workshops. We have had the most people attend our workshops and sign up to be community ambassadors.

Our community ambassadors are beginning to show impact in their communities and inviting us out to talk to people we would normally been unable to reach.

Nov 21 (2)This month we had sessions at Crest, Salvation Army in Gateshead, the Angelou centre, Sunderland International Bangladeshi Centre, The Comfrey Project and Afro Caribbean Association. What has particularly stood out for me is that most organisations have worked hard in encouraging all their service users to participate and we have had more than one session per organisation as a result. Thank you to everyone who has been involved. We continue to affirm the need for this work in the diverse communities. Nov 21 (1)

My favourite part of the workshops continues to be when people become aware of how the service work and how much help is available for them. A gentleman had contacted our service with abdominal pain and had been displeased with the wait for help. After explaining to him how each call is categorised by risk to life, he felt relieved he had not been discriminated or treated different because of who he is. By ensuring people in our communities understand how the service works and the help available for them, we can ensure a better patient experience for them and better use of the services. We would like to hear more of your stories please get in touch.

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