Positive Action Blog September 2021

The last few weeks have been busy with families returning from summer holidays and children getting back to school. With the colder, darker months getting closer, it’s so important that we ensure all our communities know where and how to access services in the event of an emergency. Sep blog

Our life saving skills workshops continue to be popular with community organisations inviting us to educate and raise awareness for their staff and service users. Recently I visited the Walking With centre in Wallsend, an organisation that works with refugees and asylum seekers. I shared information on how to use our services and the help available to access them. Nearly all the attendees had not used our services due to not being aware of what we do, language barriers and other personal concerns they had. We discussed how we can overcome these, and they learnt how to access the interpreting service but, most importantly for them, knowing that we were available all day every day free of charge gave them the confidence to contact us whenever there was a need. This group has already invited me back for more workshops as they are eager to learn more about the ambulance service.It has been great to be invited into the community as events begin to take place. Thank you to The Comfrey Project for inviting me to their BAME networking and vaccination event. It was great to network with other organisations that work in tackling health inequalities. The team at The Angelou centre and 2Tenancy Way also took part in our lifesaving skills workshop and they found it ‘informative and learnt skills that made them feel confident they would know what to do in the event of an emergency. To take part in any of our workshops, get in touch at loveness.scott@neas.nhs.uk

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