What will members do

Members can be as passive or as active a member as they like. They could be as passive as signing up and receiving our magazine Ambulance Matters or be as active as becoming one of our governors.


Members will help the Trust by

• Advising on the needs and views of the local community 

• Being consulted on plans for service developments 

• Electing representatives to be on the Council of Governors 

• Putting themselves forward for election to the Council of Governors 

The Trust will help members by: 

• Sending out communications to keep members in touch with what is happening and seeking views. 

• Give members opportunities to get involved with the Trust, such as becoming a community first responder or a volunteer car driver

Being a member is a voluntary role and there are no financial costs. There is, however, much satisfaction in being in a position which can help local people and health services.   

We believe that as an NHS Foundation Trust we will be able to work more closely with members of the public in our area and our staff, reflecting their needs in the development of our servi

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Hassen Mohammed 7000th member

Hassen Mohammed our 7000th member

If you would like to become a member simply complete the application form online by clicking HERE 

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