Alex Murray

Alex Murray

Born July 1940, London – during air-raids!  Family moved home to North East in 1949 (mother’s original birth area) 

Final education, Bede College, Durham City – 1959/63 

Taught in senior schools from 1963 to 1995.  Teaching was always my ambition.

 I had numerous part-time jobs during student days and my early teaching days.  I became a Heavy Goods Transport Manager for four years in the 1970’s.  Returning to teaching but became a coach owner/operator/driver from 1973 to 1990 at the same time as being a teacher.  This benefited both me and the school. 

After retiring from teaching, I was enticed into “working” on the Tanfield Railway.  My general experience with spanners, burning guns and welding equipment, etc. was put happily to use for about 3 to 4 years.  My diesel experience was especially welcome.  Steam buffs don’t like diesels – I do and gained much knowledge of steam. 

The next episode in my life was to support my wife’s growing “Children’s Things” shop.  I began designing/making children’s furniture.  This was not cut-down adult size stuff but built to my own designs – it would have made a fortune in Chelsea.  With the coming of CAD, children’s good quality furniture from Eastern Europe and China, it was worthwhile to stop making and start buying! 

At a loose end in 2006 I became a member of the Durham & Darlington NHS Hospitals Trust.  In 2007 I became a Governor.  I threw myself into this new venture with my customary vigour and served the full term of 9 years.  I thoroughly enjoyed the work and served on several committees and learned much.  In my later years I became the Lead Governor.  It was this experience that enabled me to join NEAS.


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