Patient Transport Service patient user group

We want to ensure you can influence the delivery of the services we provide and can feedback on proposals to improve and change our Patient Transport Service.

We are continuously looking to improve the services we provide, either because patient feedback or performance data has informed us that we need to focus on a particular are or NHS England or a local Clinical Commissioning Group or Foundation Trust has asked us to change something on a regional or local level.

We feel that improvements are best made in partnership with you, the patients that use our service. You have experience of using our services and are often well informed about how they work.

Discussing new ideas and developments with you and listening to your views prior to implementation helps us to consider how something might impact on patients and explore what we can do to ensure this impact is positive.

You can get involved by receiving information via an email account and replying to us with your views or attend a meeting.

For more information or to register your interest, please visit the 'I want to get involved' section of the website, become a member or contact us via:

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