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Making a donation

Many of the patients that North East Ambulance Service help say thank you. Our front line staff go above and beyond to make sure they do all they can for the patients they attend.

North East Ambulance Service have set up a Charitable Fund to give those people who want to make a gesture of thanks to the service the opportunity to donate to our charity.

Specific initiatives that NEAS want to build up funds to help include:

  • Supporting our volunteers; NEAS have an invaluable bank of volunteers that help support the service.
  • Community first responders, drivers and porters help our patients. With your support we would like to use donations to recruit more volunteers and further engage, train and support those already working with the service.
  • The provision and management of medical equipment specifically community defibrillators; we would use this equipment in the community to help prevent deaths from Cardiac Arrests.
  • Developing a Cadet Scheme; The Trust is also looking to develop a cadet scheme to provide a pipeline of young people that are enthused to engage with the service with the view to building a workforce for the future. We believe this will provide future employment opportunities for young people in areas they may not have considered previously.

Our Charity number is 1078575 and we are regulated by the Charity Commission.

COVID-19 donations

The NEAS Trust Fund is ring fencing any donations made to the organisation to support staff through the coronavirus pandemic.

Donations will be used to fund staff development and also health and wellbeing through our occupational health department by providing more support with staff dealing with trauma during the global crisis.

It is anticipated that more staff will have mental health effects working through the pandemic and we want to go the extra mile for them in their hour of need, as they do for their patients.

You can donate by following this link, don’t forget to reference COVID-19: or email

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