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Great North Run 2019 case studies

A team of four will be running in the 2019 Simplyhealth Great North Run with personal goals at their heart.

The four will be running to raise money for the North East Ambulance Service Charitable Fund and some of the team members will be aiming to beat their personal best time, whilst raising as much money as possible for the charity.

Amongst the four are two members of NEAS staff, senior health advisor Terri-Anne Maine and call handler Jacqui Henderson, student paramedic Philippa Nilsen, along with Vicki Hall who holds the charity close to her heart. Read below to find out more about why they are running to raise money for the North East Ambulance Service Charitable Fund.

Philippa Nilsen

Philippa is currently training to become a paramedic at the University of Sunderland and she said, “As a student paramedic currently studying with the University of Sunderland, during my clinical placement with North East Ambulance Service I have been able to witness first-hand the importance of early defibrillation in cardiac arrests, and the importance of fundraising for community defibrillators. 

“Therefore, the opportunity to run in the Great North Run 2019 on behalf of the North East Ambulance Service Charitable Fund; raising money to support its volunteers and install important medical equipment across the North East, is an exciting and honourable opportunity that I am grateful to have been given."

Donate to her Just Giving page:

Vicki Hall

Vicki, from Kenton, works as a ward clerk at the Freeman Hospital and is running in the prestigious race to give something back to the Ambulance Service, to support the vital emergency work that the Trust do.

Vicki said, “I wanted to run for NEAS as they provide a very valuable and important service to the public. They are usually the first port of call when someone is unwell or hurt, before anybody even gets to see a doctor or nurse or arrive at hospital.

“NEAS staff are the people who can save lives and the money we are trying to raise is important to help recruit and train these amazing people, as well as provide necessary equipment and support a brilliant service.”

Donate to her Just Giving page:

Jacqui Henderson

Call handler Jacqui Henderson has worked for the Trust for eight years and after battling cancer, she wants to give something back to the NHS that helped save her life.

Jacqui said, “In May 2018 I went to hospital for a routine hysterectomy but unfortunately had a lot of complications following the surgery. Not long after it was discovered that I had aggressive leiomyoma sarcoma cancer.

“After months of treatment, I got the all clear and thanks to the NHS, I now live a healthy and fulfilled life, raising my two boys.

"The Ambulance Serviced helped my father before he passed away from terminal cancer. I have also had to use the Ambulance Service in the past when I went into anaphalactic shock after eating a brazil nut.

"I'm doing the Great North Run as it is such a worthwhile cause. I feel that I have been given a second chance and feel so grateful to continue to be a mam to my beautiful boys aged six and seven and a partner to my other half Dominic who has been my rock.

"I want to raise money for the North East Ambulance Service Charitable Fund because they save lives every day.”

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Terri-Anne Maine

Senior health advisor Terri-Anne Maine works in the emergency operations centre within the Trust, dealing with life-threatening emergency every day.

Terri-Anne said, “Our call handlers, dispatch officers and frontline crew touch the lives of many people every day and I know all too well how much that means to patients, by helping them as part of my job.

“Our service can make a difference to the lives of patients and at some point in the future, either us or our family and friends might need emergency help, which is why I want to support the service in any way I can.”

Donate to her Just Giving page:

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