Tsz Kin Patrick Sun - community ambassador

Tsz Kin Patrick Sun is a warehouse worker and a community ambassador; working alongside our engagement team to raise awareness of our services and life-saving skills like CPR.

He first came to the UK only two years ago, and regularly volunteers within his community and our organisation. On his volunteering story, he said: “I have been in the UK for two years and I wanted to get to know the local community for more life experience and to help me integrate. When I go to events, I have the chance to meet lots of different people and learn more about the diversity of the North East.

“When I first joined the program, I got training for the team to gain knowledge and resources to help support us in the role. I learned how the ambulance service works in this country, and some lifesaving skills to use in emergency situations. This is why I wanted to be part of the volunteer team and enhance my skills and give back to the community.”

As a volunteer, Tsz has been able to take part in lots of community events. He said: “I remember the first event I joined was in Middlesbrough. It was an Eid festival, and it was the first time I participated in an event like this. To me, it was a happy moment because I had come to the UK alone and I felt happiness there with my fellow volunteers. We are like a team and like a family, and we receive lots of support from our positive action lead, Loveness.”

For Volunteers’ Week, we asked Tsz what he’d say to anyone considering a volunteering role at NEAS, he said: “If you are still considering becoming part of our team, don’t think, just do it! You can learn lots and gain experience in your community. It’s a simple and meaningful task that is extremely rewarding.”

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