New NEAS ambulance first of its kind in GB

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its our latest vehicle!

NEAS has bought 16 of the new model from Germany - which will be gradually phased in to replace the existing fleet.

The main changes are a rear roof spoiler which improves aero-dynamics, along with a sleek curved glass frontage.

The new design incorporates the front facing blue lights built into the cowling above the drivers cab and also has fairings to deflect air flow around the side of the ambulance body. The rear blue lights have also been re-designed to improve air-flow behind the vehicle.

New Neas Amb - front 2012


Geoff Craik, Head of Fleet Services said: "These are the first vehicles of this type in the UK and the new design has been agreed with our current supplier Wietmarscher Ambulance to help reduce drag and improve the aero dynamics of the vehicle.

"The new design is certainly eye-catching and these small improvements all help towards reducing our fuel bill and CO2 output. Even if it's a relatively small percentage of fuel saved on each vehicle, multiply that across a full fleet and it soon adds up. 

"We will be closely monitoring the fuel consumption of these vehicles to see what the impact of these changes have made"

Original new amb


The NEAS fleet consists of A&E ambulances, Rapid Response cars, specialist Hazardous Area Response Team vehicles, and Patient Transport Service ambulances.

Each year, the fleet clock up an astonishing 10 million miles covering the North East of England!

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