Stroke - Act F.A.S.T

Would you recognise the signs of stroke?

The Department of Health is relaunching its highly successful Stroke - Act FAST campaign this week to help members of the public recognise the signs of Stroke and know what to do.

Only a hospital test can confirm a stroke for sure, but it's important to know the signs, and be able to respond quickly, if you suspect someone is having a stroke. If you would like any more information you can visit the official NHS Act FAST Page here

An easy way of remembering the signs and how to act is the F.A.S.T test.




  • F - Has their face fallen on one side? Can they smile?






  • A - Can they raise both arms and keep them there?








  • S - Is their speech slurred?







  • T - Time to call 999 if you see any single one of these signs


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