Eight-year-old Ewan saves the day!

Ashington schoolboy makes 999 call after mum collapses

SCHOOLBOY Ewan Johnson Parry has been hailed a hero after coming to his mother's rescue for a second time.

Ewan and mum 

In 2009, the eight-year-old quickly called 999 when he found his mother Diane slumped on the sofa. He was able to give the ambulance control room operator his name and address, and told her that his mother was not talking.

Now the quick-thinking youngster has jumped into action for a second time after Diane fell to the ground during a severe epileptic attack.

Putting aside his fear, Ewan picked up the phone again and dialled the emergency services. An ambulance was sent immediately and paramedics were greeted by Ewan on the doorstep.

His grandmother Mary, 66, said: "He did what he had to do and he was great. He's brilliant for his age.

"He has been to the hospital a few times to meet the epileptic nurses and was given a book on epilepsy to read.

"Most kids wouldn't read it, but he did and he knows exactly what to do. He just wants to take of his mum."

Ewan and his mother Diane now live with Mary in her home in Ashington.

Mary had been babysitting her other grandchildren when Diane, who has suffered from epilepsy since she was five, fell ill.

She said: "I had been babysitting and when I came back, I found him standing in the porch. When I got in he said his mum wasn't very well and that he'd called an ambulance."

During the fit Diane tore three ligaments in her right foot and chipped a bone but she is now making a full recovery.

Diane said: "Ewan has seen me have seizures before, and I've drummed into him that he should either phone my mum's number or dial 999 if he is really worried. I can't remember much about what happened, but I am so proud of what he did."

Call-handler Neil Watson was impressed by Ewan's maturity.

"When Ewan came through he was very clear and concise," she said. "I asked for the address and he gave it very clearly and concisely.

"Each question I asked he answered to the best of his ability in a very clear and concise way. He was mature beyond his years. When I told him an ambulance was on its way, he took it all in his stride.

"He gave me as much medical history as he could about his mum and listened to every instruction I gave him and without hesitation carried out all the requests I made. He made sure the door was open ready for the crew and all medications where ready.

"This young lad made my job so easy on that call, it is only fair that he gets some recognition for how well he reacted.

"If all our calls where received from children and adults like Ewan we would have a much easier job."

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