Nudes flash! Naked paramedic plunges into North Sea to raise funds for mental health charity

Jacqueline in a league of her own.

It's a well-known medical fact that North East women are genetically programmed to withstand incredibly low temperatures, while wearing even the skimpiest of clothing.

Sunderland Paramedic Jacqueline Higginson can go even further though.

Jacqueline, 34, is bracing herself for a world-record skinny dipping attempt on Saturday at chilly Druridge Bay, in Northumberland.

More than 414 people are needed to smash the current record - and hopefully raise £2,000 in the process for mental health charity, Mind.

Jacqueline took part in a previous Guinness World record dip last year in Wales and loved it so much she decided to organise an event in the North East.

She said: "It was just an amazing experience.

"It was liberating and empowering but it was really exciting as well.

"Running into the water with others doing the skinny dip was a unique experience.

"The day is also the autumn equinox, the transition from summer to winter.

"I cannot think of a more appropriate way to celebrate the summer and welcome the winter than stripping down to skin and running wild and free into the North Sea."

Jacqueline said the event is in no way a best body competition and people of all shapes and sizes will be taking part.

She said: "It is just a celebration of the human body. It is very freeing, a really special thing to do."

Fellow skinny-dippers had to pledge £10 to the charity before wading naked into the sea to waist level.

Jacqueline said: "I know from personal experience and through my job how much mental health issues affect people.

"Mind is a really good charity which isn't given the recognition is should be.

"I would like to use the opportunity to increase awareness of mental health issues."

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