Fireman Sam fan Liam from Seaham saves the day!

Six-year-old calls NEAS after mum collapses

Fireman Sam fan Liam raises the 999 ambulance alarm after his pregnant mum collapses.

Seaham youngster Liam Robinson knew exactly what to do when his mum collapsed unconscious - thanks to his favourite programme, Fireman Sam!

Liam called 999 to raise the alarm after failing to rouse his mum, Rebecca Forsyth, who had fainted at the family home. Rebecca is 24-weeks pregnant.

At the time, Liam's dad Dean - a school teacher - was at work.

Rebecca said: "I'm really proud of how Liam reacted. He told me that at first, he thought I was just having a sleep. He tried to wake me up, but realised that it was something a bit more serious.

"We've taught him that you should ring 999 if there's an emergency, and that's what he did. One of his favourite programmes is Fireman Sam - so he knows all about the emergency services.

"Looking back now, I suppose there was a chance that he might ask for a fire engine to be sent instead of an ambulance!

"He told me that when he got put through to the North East Ambulance Service, the call handler was absolutely brilliant with him. She was very patient and calm, and talked him through the questions he needed to answer.

"He tried to put me in the recovery position, but as I'm pregnant, I was too big to roll over. The ambulance got here really quickly, and I was whisked off to hospital.

"I'm back at home now, and everything is fine. I think the ambulance service does a wonderful job - I can't thank them enough. They really looked after me and I'd like them to get some of the recognition they deserve."

News travelled fast about Liam's heroics - and less than a week later, he received a very special telephone call from Fireman Sam himself!

Programme makers HIT Entertainment arranged the call, and also sent Liam some Fireman Sam goodies.

Liam said: "I told him that I was always a very good little boy, and that I never got told off - not like Norman Price."

A NEAS spokeswoman said: ""It must have been quite a traumatic situation for Liam to find his mum unconscious - but he stayed incredibly cool when he made the 999 call.

"Even adults can become flustered when they contact the emergency services, but Liam showed a maturity way beyond his years. He had the presence of mind to ring 999, and then give the call handler all of the relevant information in a clear and precise manner. As far as NEAS is concerned, he fully deserves to be called a little hero."

You can see a video of exactly how Liam saved his mum by clicking here.

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