NEAS advice ahead of New Year's Eve

Busy night expected

NEAS is asking the public to be sensible when celebrating the New Year.

New Year's Eve is one of our busiest night's of the year - with our call centre taking 500-plus calls on the nightshift alone.

Revellers are advised to plan their night out in advance; make sure they eat a meal beforehand; hydrate themselves with water or soft drinks; make sure they have arranged transport to get home.

Paramedic Jeannie Henderson, NEAS's Clinical Practise Manager, said: "It's always one of our busiest nights of the year. Our advice to anyone going out on New Year's Eve  is just to be sensible. Plan ahead. Single females should stay in groups to make sure they are safe.

"It's sometimes easy to get carried away in the excitement and just rush straight out after work without bothering to eat anything, which means the alcohol is going to have more of an effect.

"This year we have a new system in place where police officers at the scene of an incident can contact us directly through their police radio, which should speed up the flow of information.

"In the contact centre itself, we will have a special "New Year's Eve" cell, which will co-ordinate all the information that comes in.

"Our crews are dedicated to providing a high quality service and will help as many people as we can. All we ask is that the public be respectful of our staff."

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