Aussie ambulance volunteer has NEAS in stitches

Cloth badge helps brighten up "dull office" Down Under!

Australian St John's Ambulance volunteer Nathan Freeman has helped many a patient over the years with his skill using a needle - but now he's using his sewing ability to make a unique piece of decoration to brighten up his "dull" workplace Down Under!

Nathan, who is the Divisional Nursing Officer for the Glenelg area of the North West Region of Australia, contacted NEAS recently via Facebook to request a cloth badge. It'll be added to a growing collection of emergency service badges from around the world on a patch board at his St John's Ambulance Service office.

"I decided to create a patch board for our volunteer ambulance division training room to help brighten up what is currently a plain and boring looking room. The fact it's so dull is one of the reasons I suspect why we get potential members come for here for one night, and then never see them again!

"I wanted to demonstrate the camaraderie and brotherhood between all the emergency, law enforcement and aid agencies, both state and local agencies, not only here in Australia, but across the globe. It's a small way of bringing the world together and honoring those who serve their community and country every day."

Nathan recently completed his Bachelor of Nursing qualification and was recently appointed the Regional Event and Emergency Management Officer for the North West Region. He also works with the Australian Army in the medical corps, after 12 years as an anti-aircraft operator with the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery, having completed two tours overseas.

NEAS was only too happy to help - and a badge, seen being held here by NEAS Paramedic Lee Thompson, has been dispatched by airmail.

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