Latest figures show NEAS highest performing in England

More likely to get an ambulance within 8-mins in North East

The latest official figures show that NEAS is currently the highest performing ambulance service in England and Wales for reaching patients most in need of help.

All ambulance services are funded to reach 75% of the most serious cases within 8-minutes. NEAS is currently achieving 79.2%

The figures also show that 99% of all emergency calls in the North East where life is in danger get an ambulance within 26-minutes.

These serious calls where someone could potentially die are classified as "Red" by English ambulance services, and always take priority.

Non-life threatening calls are classified as "Green".

We try to respond to Green calls within 30-minutes, though this isn't always possible if our paramedics are treating Red cases.

On occasions, we have to diverted ambulances which are en-route to a Green call, if a Red call comes in - much in the same way you might face a longer wait in an A&E department if doctors are busy dealing with a serious incident such as a road crash or a heart attack.



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