Paramedic urges kids to wear a cycle helmet following Jessica's horror injury

Fractured skull and bleed on the brain

A paramedic who helped save an eight-year-old County Durham girl who fractured her skull while playing on her bike is urging all parents to make sure their children wear cycle-helmets.

Jessica Thornton was on her pushbike in August trying to go down some steps at an underpass close to her home at Pine Street, Chester le Street, when she came off her push-bike - banging her head into the ground.

Because she wasn't wearing a helmet she suffered a fractured skull, resulting in bleeding on the brain.

The North East Ambulance Service's Hazardous Area Response Team was quickly on the scene, along with a crew from Chester le Street

Jessica spent a week in Newcastle's Royal Victoria Hospital, including a spell in intensive care - but has since made a full recovery.

Mum Tina said: "It was such a shock when I heard what had happened to Jessica. She's a lovely girl, but going down the steps was too fast for her and she came off.

"Thankfully the paramedics turned up really quickly and I can't thank them enough for what they did at the scene and for getting her to hospital so quickly."

Jessica, her mum and friends held a fundraising walk for the paediatrics department of the RVI on Saturday 25th October, starting at the scene of Jessica's accident.

James Kidman, the HART who attended Jessica, said: "The quick decision to get her transported to RVI and the treatment she received at the scene probably avoided a life threatening brain damage.

"Jessica had gone over the handle bars and hit her head according to her friends, and when I arrived she was curled up, as if she was asleep or dreaming. There were no obvious injuries.

"I have a child similar age to this one and it was horrifying to see the results of no helmet and the fears of injuries she might of had.

"Our Chester le Street crew attended the scene, and they did a great job. I would urge all parents to make sure their children wear helmets when out on their bikes - especially with the dark nights coming."

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