Flu-men-co! Ballroom dancer and Mr Gay World backs NEAS flu campaign

South Shield's champ urges public to get their jab

Strictly necessary! Dance studio owner and newly crowned Mr Gay UK and Mr Gay World Stuart Hatton is urging everyone to have their flu jab this year - and avoid getting a Saturday night fever!

Stuart, from South Shields, is the first person from the UK to win the global title, taking the honour in this year's contest staged in Rome - which had a world-wide audience of millions.

Mr Gay World 2

He's also backing this year's campaign by the North East Ambulance Service aimed at encouraging people to get vaccinated.

The model and fitness fan needs to keep in tip-top shape for a living, and as someone who suffers from asthma, knows how important having the injection is.

Stuart said: "I've always been asthmatic, so getting a flu jab is something that I do every year. It's just part of my routine. I've seen people who have had flu, and know how serious it can be!

"It's important for my work that I stay fit and healthy, and because I have a busy dance studio I come into contact with a lot of people - so I make sure that I have been vaccinated. For my good, and also everyone I meet during the winter.

"I would encourage anyone who deals with a lot of people on a daily basis to do the same."

The North East Ambulance Service runs flu clinics for frontline staff around the region - and Stuart believes it's a great example for other organisations and industries.

Stuart said: "I'm delighted to have been asked by the North East Ambulance Service to promote their campaign. It's been a great year for me winning the titles, and  I hope I can be a good ambassador for the North East."

Stuart was invited to take part in Mr Gay World against 32 different countries in Rome after winning Mr Gay UK. The contest isn't just based on looks - but also involves mental tests, such as job interviews and handling the media.

Stuart said: "Holding the titles has changed my life in some ways. Last Wednesday I was at the House of Commons with Ed Milliband and Ed Balls, which was good, and I also get asked to do modelling for magazines. On top of that I'm always busy running the dance studio. Dancing always comes first with me though - but it's nice to have a bit of variety."

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