L-R Neil Bunney, Sedgefield Surgery; Ean Parson, SVG; Barry Watson; Peter Fields, NEAS.

Chance survival of cyclist following cardiac arrest brings defibrillator to Sedgefield

Locals rally to buy life-saving machine

Residents in Sedgefield have celebrated the installation of a public defibrillator in the village following a year-long fund-raising campaign.

The machine - which is very easy to use - can shock a cardiac arrest's patient heart back into rhythm.

Local people decided to buy one for Sedgefield after keen cyclist Barry Watson suffered a coronary while cycling in March 2013.

Fortunately, a passer-by who knew how to deliver CPR saw what happened and was able to pump Barry's heart until a NEAS ambulance crew arrived at the scene.

Barry has since made a full recovery.

When someone goes into cardiac arrest, every minute without CPR or defibrillation reduces survival chances by 10%.

Barry said: "When I collapsed I was extremely lucky that someone who knew how to perform CPR was passing, particularly as there was no defibrillator nearby. It's great that Sedgefield now has its own defibrillator in such a prominent and central location.

"In an emergency the defibrillator can be accessed by a quick 999 call. The caller will be given a log-on number to use on the machine, and then it's ready. It's very easy to use, and there are also audio instructions that played from the defibrillator. It's now vital that we make sure as many people as possible in the local community know about it."

The device has been installed on Sedgefield Surgery Wall in the centre of the village.

Funding for the defibrillator came from Sedgefield Village Games, Sedgefield Rotary, Ladies Escape, Right Lines Communications, Sedgefield Squash Club, Sedgefield Harriers and Sedgefield Surgery.

Simon Hill, Secretary of the Sedgefield Village Games, said:" Along with North East Ambulance Service and Sedgefield Surgery, we would now like to use this occasion as a platform for improving general first aid skills in the area, and train as many residents as possible so that they know how to use it if required."

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