Diane, baby Bobby and Adrian Brown with Louise Chapman and Tony Reeves

Special delivery for Bishop Auckland couple

Baby Bobby almost born in hospital car park

A Bishop Auckland couple have been reunited with the North East Ambulance Service crew who helped bring their son into the world.

Diane Brown would have given birth in the car park at Darlington Memorial Hospital on the evening of 18 October had her husband Adrian not managed to find Paramedic Louise Chapman and Emergency Care Assistant Tony Reeves, who had just taken a patient into A&E.

They grabbed a wheelchair and rushed to Diane’s aid, quickly wheeling her into the hospital, down the corridor and into the lift up to the 6th floor - but as soon as the lift doors closed, Diane felt the need to push.

Luckily, Diane was able to hold out for a few minutes more and Bobby Jack Brown was born within seconds of arriving on the ward, weighing a healthy 8lb 8oz.

Diane and Adrian, who also have two older daughters, have now been reunited with Louise and Tony so they could thank them in person.

“My waters broke at home but I felt ok so we calmly made our way to the hospital and got there within 20 minutes,” said Diane. “But when we got there, I couldn’t get out of the car, let alone walk across the car park and to the maternity ward!

“As soon as we got through the doors I needed to push, it was chaos! We had been in the hospital four minutes and he was born with me still sat in the wheelchair.

“I didn’t have any time for pain relief or anything but it was actually a really nice birth with them both being there. If it hadn’t been for them, he would have probably been born in the car park!”

Bobby is Louise’s 6th delivery during her two years as a paramedic with NEAS but was a first for Tony, who started his new career with NEAS in March.

“I was just sort of holding on to the wheelchair for dear life,” said Tony.

“It was over a damn sight quicker than I was expecting that’s for sure! I just thought the whole thing was amazing.”

“I guess we were just in the right place at the right time,” added Louise. “It was quite emotional really, it was a privilege to be there to share such an intimate moment with them. It’s lovely to get a thank you from them and to be able to meet back up with them and Bobby.”

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