Marie Trotter is pictured with inspirational patient Kacie Martin

Paramedic prepares to pound the pavement in honour of patient

Paramedic prepares to pound the pavement in honour of patient

A North East Ambulance Service paramedic is tackling the Great North Run in honour of a very special patient.

Four-year-old Kacie Martin, from Wallsend, who has a rare muscle wasting illness called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type1, has been in and out of hospital since she was a baby.

On one of those occasions, in January this year, Kacie was treated by North East Ambulance Service paramedic Marie Trotter for a collapsed lung.

Despite only being with Kacie for less than an hour, Marie was so inspired by the four-year-old  that she decided to join the thousands of runners in the Great North Run on Kacie’s behalf later this year.

She hopes to raise enough money to buy Kacie a Lazy Spa hydrotherapy pool for their garden to allow Kacie to have hydrotherapy treatment at home.

Marie, of Ashington, who is based at Ashington station, joined North East Ambulance seven years ago and has been a paramedic for two and half years.

“Working for the ambulance service you obviously see a lot of patients who stick with you but none have made me want to run a half marathon before!” said Marie.

“There was just something about Kacie. She was such a sweet little girl, chatting away at me; even with everything she’s got going on medically, she just doesn’t let anything get to her.

“I told her that night that she was my favourite patient ever. I came away from her thinking she was a really special little girl, she’s one of a kind.”

Kacie’s mum Nicole Williams said: “We couldn’t believe it when we found out Marie wanted to run on Kacie’s behalf. She must see kids every day so to think she’s picked Kacie means a lot to us.

“Kacie uses the jacuzzi at St Oswald’s Hospice and absolutely loves it so we thought it would be really nice to use the money Marie raises to buy her one.”

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