Dave McFarlane with his mum

Paramedic thanks two of his own for helping elderly mum

Paramedic thanks two of his own for helping elderly mum

A paramedic has praised fellow workers from the North East Ambulance Service who cared for his elderly mum after she fractured her ankle in a fall.

Dave McFarlane works as a paramedic in Lincoln and was shocked when he phoned his 84-year-old mum to hear she was lying on the floor waiting for an ambulance to arrive after falling in the shower.

Dave immediately drove from Lincoln to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead where his mum was taken following her accident.

Dave said: “My mum is fiercely independent and has lived on her own since my dad died over 20 years ago. She’s never fallen before so I got a fright when I heard she’d had an accident – especially as she’s recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. When I got to hospital she was full of telling me how brilliant the ambulance crew were. She couldn’t get over how funny they were and how much they had put her at ease with a mixture of kindness, good humour and skill. As well as helping relieve the pain and getting her to hospital quickly, the crew made my mum laugh throughout the entire ordeal. It was lovely to hear and I wanted to pass this back to the crew, along with my gratitude.

“Having been a paramedic myself for 33 years, I know only too well how quick people are to criticise but much less inclined to give praise. It can make a big difference to get that positive feedback and I want the crew to know what a huge difference they made to my mum at a very stressful and painful time.

“Mum was found to have two fractures on her right ankle and stayed in hospital for two weeks. She’s now out and feeling much better and is progressively getting more mobile. But she’ll never forget how the ambulance crew helped her that day.”

Emergency Care Support Worker at NEAS, Lee Marshall attended Mr McFarlane’s mother, along with his colleague, paramedic Ian Phillips.  Lee began work with NEAS working for the Patient Transport Service in 2009 and transferred to work in emergency care four years ago.  He added, “It’s really nice to get some recognition, especially from another paramedic.  Part of our job is to get a rapport with our patients and help to reassure or put a smile on their face.”

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