Stacey Hilton with baby Gracie and mum Devon

Paramedic reunited with baby delivered on living room rug

Stacey's "like a hero in this house"

A Washington mum has been reunited with the paramedic who brought her daughter into the world.

Devon Gaunt, aged 22, called 999 after going into labour at her mum Lorraine’s home on 8 January.

While paramedic Stacey Hilton travelled to the scene, 999 call operator Zach Jackson took Lorraine through the delivery.

By the time Stacey arrived just minutes later, baby Gracie Smith was already making her way into the world. Just over 10 minutes later, she was born on the living room rug, weighing 8lb1oz.

Both Devon and Gracie were taken to hospital to be checked over and are now back at home with Gracie’s three-year-old brother Lucas.

Devon said: “I had gone through to the hospital as the pains were really strong but because I was only 3cm, I was sent home.

“By this point it was rush hour and we got stuck in loads of traffic. I got through the door and could feel her head crowning.

“My mam shouted for my sister Samantha and they laid us down on the living room floor and called 999.

“My mam delivered her head with the help of the call taker and then Stacey came through the door. She chucked her stuff on the floor and got straight on her knees.

“Stacey was great, I can’t thank her enough.”

Lorraine added: “It was terrifying but when the baby started coming out this calm just took over. All I could think was that’s my baby having her baby and I need to keep them safe.

“I had the head and was thinking please somebody come through the door. Just as her shoulder was coming out, Stacey came through the door and took over. It was such a relief to see her and to know we were in safe hands.

“Stacey was amazing. She’s like a hero in this house.

“Right from walking through the door and calling 999 until Stacey left us at the hospital, the professionalism and care that Devon and Gracie had was second to none.”

Stacey, aged 34, of Gateshead, joined NEAS in 2012 as an Emergency Care Support Worker after spending 12 years as a dental nurse. She qualified as a paramedic in April 2015.

Baby Gracie was her first delivery.

“A delivery is something that even the most experienced paramedics worry about getting because so many things can go wrong so to do my first one on my own was terrifying,” she said.

“We go to so many people who in labour but find it’s normally just a bit of pain so I couldn’t believe it when I walked through the door and there’s poor Devon on her back and the baby’s coming.

“I dropped everything and started dishing out jobs to the family. They did a fantastic job – I thought her mam was a midwife when I got there!

“It was quite an emotional experience. I think because I’ve got two kids of my own that feeling came back again for me. It was honour to be part of it and makes you really proud of the job you do.”

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