Mike and Jenny Devine

Thank you for the care received

Thanks to "extremely helpful, responsive and professional" staff

The wife of one of our patients wrote in to pass on her sincere thanks to our wonderful staff, having had to call for help several times for her husband, Mike Devine.

Father of two, Mike suffered a stroke at work in March 2012 and his colleagues dialled 999. An ambulance arrived promptly and the crew took him to the QE Hospital in Gateshead for treatment. 

A year later he started to have epileptic fits and the family called 999 a few times because he suffered episodes that lead to intensive care. 

Mike’s wife, Jenny Devine, wrote: “Each time the ambulance staff were extremely helpful, responsive and professional. 

"Our house has 17 steps to the front door - my husband used to say it was a bungalow with attitude - so getting him to the ambulance was not always easy!!!

“In February this year, I had only been home 10 minutes when he collapsed and I had to dial 999 again for help. The call taker at the end of the phone was really good, keeping me calm and telling me what to do to perform CPR while waiting for the ambulance crew. They arrived quickly and just got stuck in to what they needed to do.  Mike had suffered a heart attack and on arrival at the hospital we were told he did not make it.

“Looking back, I tell myself everything was done to help him. I know he had the best chance we could give him.  For this, I wanted to say thank you and to pass on my appreciation to the staff.  We are donating money from the funeral and donations from friends and family to the service so best wishes to you all and keep up the good work.”

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