Ex pupil at South Street Primary School teaches lifesaving skills

A former student at South Street Primary School teaches pupils CPR and lifesaving skills

Kyle Peebles, Ambulance Care Assistant and Rebecca Scott, Patient Transport Service Apprentice visited Year 5 and 6 pupils  at South Street Primary School in Gateshead to speak to the children about using the 999 and 111 service and how to perform lifesaving CPR.

As a former student at South Street Primary School, Kyle was keen to speak to the children about careers within the North East Ambulance Service and how they can help people in emergency situations at any age.

In 2015/16 the service answered 1.160 million emergency 999 and NHS 111 calls, responded to 295,855 incidents that resulted in a patient being taken to hospital, treated and discharged 19,949 patients with telephone advice and treated and discharged 85,021 patients at home.  In the same year, emergency care crews reached 132,948 incidents within the national target of 8 minutes.

Teacher, Mrs Marcia Hindmarsh said, “It has been great to have Kyle come in and show the children how to perform CPR as it increases the children’s awareness of situations that could occur at any moment in time and be able to have the confidence to deal with these types of scenarios.

“As Kyle is a former student it has been especially exciting for the children to see a pupil who sat where they are now doing great things and showing them that they can do the same”.

Kyle provided CPR demonstrations to three groups of children throughout the day and gave the children had a chance to practice their CPR technique and when it is appropriate to call 999 or NHS111 service.

Mr John Bee, Year 5 and 6 Teacher said “I think students here at South Street Primary School have good knowledge of what to do in an emergency and non-emergency situation. We have already worked with the children around when to make a 999 or 111 call by looking at case studies and having group conversations. It has been good for the children to be able to have a chance to become familiar with an ambulance and have the confidence to determine whether to call 999 or 111”.

Kyle and Rebecca spent some time talking to the children about career paths within North East Ambulance Service and after a fun filled morning on the ambulance, Kieran aged 9 said “I wanted to be a footballer, but now I want to be a paramedic and drive an ambulance”.

This event was the first community visit Kyle has done during his time at NEAS and as a former student at South Street Primary School Kyle was particularly keen to show the children that they too can achieve whatever they want be working hard towards their goals. Kyle said, “It was great to do my first community visit at the Primary school I went to and teach the children vital life-saving skills. My aim was to make it a fun learning experience which I hope I have achieved.

“Even if one of the children at South Street Primary School was ever faced with their family or friends needing medical attention and they were able to ring 999 or perform CPR because of us attending the school and showing them what to do, I would be extremely proud”.

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