Nominate a NEAS volunteer for an award to recognise their efforts.

Public encouraged to nominate a North East Ambulance Service volunteer for award

Members of the public are invited to nominate a volunteer for an award to recognise their efforts at the annual North East Ambulance Service volunteer awards.

The awards celebrate the long service achievement and outstanding contribution to the ambulance service.

NEAS volunteers include community first responders, ambulance car service drivers and porters; who all form a pivotal role of supporting the Trust by saving more lives and freeing up time for crews to respond to emergencies.

Volunteer community first responders are an integral part of patient care within the Trust. They are volunteers, trained and dispatched by NEAS to deal with emergencies prior to the arrival of an ambulance.  They are dispatched at the same time as an ambulance but may arrive first as they are nearer and can provide early interventions in those crucial first minutes of an emergency.

Volunteer ACS drivers use their own vehicles to help transport patients to and from hospital, which keeps ambulances free for emergencies and for patients too poorly to travel by car. 

Another vital voluntary role to the Trust is volunteer porters, who play an important part in escorting patients around hospital to their appointments. Porters are the first point of contact for non-life-threatening patients and save the ambulance service nearly 600 hours per year, so that crew can be back out on the road saving lives.

Do you know a NEAS volunteer that made a difference to you? They might have drove you to an appointment, helped you get to the right place at hospital or even saved your life.

Recognise them for their efforts and dedication by nominating them for a volunteer award by the 9 April:

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